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New Patients

New patients are welcome

We understand that choosing a new dentist can be a big decision and, for some, a leap of faith.

We are pleased to say that many of our clients come to us by way of personal recommendation from their friends or family members. We think this a huge compliment. Please do tell us if this is how you found us.

When places are available we can accept new NHS patients – please speak to the reception team to check availability. There are no restrictions on new private patients.

If you would like some advice, to meet us in person or have a look around before making your decision, please give us a call on 01978 356328 or send us a message via our contact form. We will be very happy to answer any questions. There is no obligation to join us at this stage – but if you like what you see, you are welcome to become a patient of the practice by booking an assessment appointment with one of our dentists.

New Patient Assessment

When you have booked an appointment for an assessment with your dentist as a new patient here’s what will happen:

Some people require very little in the way of restorative treatment. If so we will recommend an appropriate preventive program for you straight away.

If more complex treatment is required, your dentist may wish to spend a longer time talking through options with you and we may ask you to return for a second visit for this at no extra charge.

The initial consultation normally takes 30 minutes to complete after which our reception team will look after scheduling appointments for you and answering any questions.

An example of the medical history questionnaire is shown below

Confidential Medical History Form

Like all dentists, we ask our patients for information about their general health to help us treat our patients safely.
Although it takes only a short time to complete the form it would help if you were to arrive early and be prepared with the following information:-

We will show you the form at later visits so that you can tell us whether there has been any change in your general health.

All information will be kept strictly confidential by the people caring for you.